the best all-in-one POS System

Food & Beverage

Dine-In Restaurants to Small Take Away Kiosks and all hotels

Pure Retail Sales

Multichain Retail stores to small retail shops and Grocery Stores more..

Garments Retail

Large Scale Garment Store to small boutique shops and Jewellery more...

Salons & Spa

Multi Branch Salon & Spa brands and small size barber shops more...

SP1100 - 10" WP

SIVRAPOS SP1100 WP comes with 10" Touch 3" Thermal In-Built Printer

SP2200 - 15" WP

SIVRAPOS SP2200 WP comes with 15" Touch 3" Thermal In-Built Printer more..

SP1100 - 10" NP

SIVRAPOS SP1100 NP comes with 10" Touch 3" Thermal In-Built Printer more...

SP2200 - 15" NP

SIVRAPOS SP2200 NP comes with 15" Touch 3" Thermal In-Built Printer more...

Top 3 Reasons, Why should your Business Powered with SIVRAPOS

Pure Cloud | Pure Live | Pure Data

The architecture, used in SIVRAPOS is made for best use of Cloud Technology for Fast Response and Secure Data Transfer for Backingup Data from Multiple Availability Zones in Real Time. We dont sync any Data between client and servers. The transfer happens in a Live manner with our Cloud DB Servers. Even if you lose your Private Internet connectivity, our cutting edge file system based DB will store the data in offine and transfer them in the next moment when you get connected to your private internet. You dont even feel any interuption in Business Process while Using SIVRAPOS. Also, no more worries of taking backup and restoring them regularly. Everything is highly automated without human inteference.

Billing with, Stock-CRM-Marketing-Automation

SIVRAPOS is purely power packed with the possibilities of Painless Billing Experience with Extensive Stock Maintanence, Complete Customer Management, Delivery Management, Loyalty Programs, e-Marketing and much more.
  • Complete Billing Process
  • Stock Management
  • Both Item/Ingredient wise Inventory
  • Supplier Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Analytics Reporting
  • SMS & Email Integration

Perfomance and Scalability

SIVRAPOS, built with the best performance in all major platforms. The Core application's memory utilization level is derived by a self-driven algorithm from the application itself. So, the end user never feel any performance issue with the User Interface. Because of the Semi-Cloud architecture, the application can be scaled to any no.of branches using a single instance node. The User interface burden will be taken care of the client machine and DB burden will be taken care of the Cloud Servers. So, extreme performance can be enjoyed in a scalable level. SIVRAPOS is extremely portable. It can be implemented with just a few clicks and completely configurable by end user for their Business needs.

The Features you cant just ignore


The Elegant Interface

SIVRAPOS, comes with the most user friendly Interface which never make you tired of using it.

Integrated Add-On Features

SIVRAPOS comes with the integrated functionalities which makes your business more perfect.

100% Configurable

End user can customize the core functionalities by some clicks. No more dependency.

Intelligent Dashboards

SIVRAPOS is power packed with Intelligent Dashboards to give better understanding of your Business